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What are the advantages of stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine?

With the increasing demand of the pipe products process, the saw blade cutting machine can not meet the needs of the majority of production enterprises. Stainless steel laser cutting machine is the new darling of the majority of enterprises, stainless steel laser cutting machine cutting What are the advantages of the management?

 Stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine can realize automatic feeding, automatic feeding, fast cutting, automatic recycling of finished products and scraps, cutting round pipe, square pipe, elliptical pipe, can realize intersecting line and bevel cutting at any angle, automatic rapid cutting and forming of pipe line High cutting efficiency, high cutting precision, high precision, complex graphic cutting, high speed, high efficiency, smooth and good workpiece section, good quality.

   Longxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pipe cutting and other processing equipment. It has launched the LX-FL120-S laser pipe cutting machine for pipe cutting. The fiber laser is a compact and efficient high power laser. With power, ideal beam quality, maintenance-free, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, etc., it can be used for cutting, welding and drilling of metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc. in sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliance manufacturing. Widely used in automotive and other fields


1. Automatic feeding, saving labor and improving production efficiency

This machine is divided into two parts: laser cutting machine and intelligent feeding machine. The material is simply arranged into the intelligent feeding machine. When cutting, the system automatically feeds continuously, and the two raw materials are automatically fixed to feed and the material is automatically identified and cut.

2. The tailing area is small, saving materials and reducing the process

Simple and unique feeding mode, when the pipe is unable to continue feeding at the feeder, the subsequent pipe will continue to push the current pipe to continue feeding and finish cutting. The normal cutting tail of the machine is ≤40mm, which is far lower than most models of the market 220mm- The 300mm tailings value reduces material loss and eliminates tailings processing.

3. Fast cutting speed, multi-function, meet different needs

This machine is 4-axis linkage, which can meet all the cutting style requirements of the market. The X/Y/Z axis can simultaneously control the running path of the laser head, and can perform multiple cutting actions in a single feeding during continuous cutting, saving the feeding time and improving the production efficiency.

If you need to know this laser cutting machine for pipe cutting, please contact Longxin Machinery!

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