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With such a responsible after-sales service team, what are your concerns when choosing Longxin Pipe Cutting Machine?

As a customer service manager of the pipe cutting machine, I receive a phone call from your factory that has offices in our company every day. In fact, I understand that the reason why customers ask this question is to be suspicious of our service. Indeed, cut Different from other consumer products, the pipe machine can return to the factory for maintenance when it comes to product quality problems. Therefore, customers in the mechanical equipment category not only consider the product itself, but also pay attention to the after-sales service.

Longxin Machinery is an old factory with more than ten years experience in the production of tube processing equipment (cutting machine). We have been adhering to the model of letting users and using factory direct sales to sell our products in the production and sales process for more than ten years. China has also accumulated a wealth of after-sales service experience. More than four new pipe processing equipments are available every year. The plant area is 5,000 square meters, the production capacity is over 2,500 units/year, the inventory is sufficient, the delivery time is accurate, the standard machine is delivered in 3-7 days, and the custom machine is 15-30 days. Large-scale CNC machining center processing and production, product quality is stable; professional and technical personnel on-site installation and commissioning, machine operation skills training free support; sales equipment warranty 12 months, lifetime maintenance, 24-hour online after-sales service guarantee; more than 10 years of cutting equipment after-sales service 4 people with experience, 5 years of experience and 4 people, let you use our products more confidently.

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