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Improve production efficiency and reduce production investment. You can choose Longxin laser tube cutting processing.

According to the Foshan Metal Materials Industry Association, hundreds of tons of Indonesian Ruipu 304 cold rolling, which was said to have arrived in the past, have arrived at the Foshan Pu X warehouse on the weekend. By 2 pm, the specifications for the stock on the tray are 3.0*1245* C, the premium water 210, the reference price of 14940 yuan / ton, still a bit tempting.

Along with the early Fujian Jinjin and Qingtuoke, the December futures market was continuously adjusted. After the 304 cold rolling price was adjusted to 15,000 yuan/ton, the price on the plate continued to decline. In addition to the Fujian sheet metal market price, the mainstream specifications of the mainstream production area have also dropped to around 15,000 yuan / ton. The poor specifications have already broken this level.

At the same time, laser tube cutting processing is in full swing. The customer chose laser tube cutting after fully considering the previous investment and daily output. Because the laser cutting processing method has small material slits and saves materials; the cut nozzles are smooth and burr-free, and do not need secondary processing, and can be directly used or welded, which greatly saves time cost. Now, whether it is for the final product users or the processing plant, it is favored to use the laser pipe cutting machine for pipe cutting.

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