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Longxin stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine team that dares to challenge

Time flies, like a white pass! Long March people could not wait to come in November, and the Longxin people never stopped.

On November 1st, when all the leaders and sales colleagues met, each colleague set a goal for this month. "3 laser machines, 5 laser machines, 6 laser machines"... This is the goal of colleagues. The team of Longxin stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine also promised that if the target is not met, colleagues will be punished. Some colleagues are willing to shave their hair. Some colleagues are willing to eat bitter melon. They have to say that they dare to do it, and that it is a good person. Kind of!

  Then each colleague is working hard to achieve his goals. Now that seven days have passed, the effect has been unexpected. As we said in our summer, when we set the goal, we will concentrate and do our best to achieve it. As of today, our managers bring us good news every day. Every day, customers sign our stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine to complete the monthly target, just around the corner!

As our stainless steel laser pipe cutters become more and more popular, in order to shorten the delivery time, please contact our new and old customers and friends as soon as possible!

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