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Why is the Longxin laser pipe cutter so popular?

With the continuous development of society, the continuous advancement of science and technology. The cutting tube industry has also gone from manual cutting to the current laser cutting tube. The reason why the laser tube cutting machine is now sought after by the industry is that the laser tube cutting machine uses a laser beam to focus on the cutting surface, so that it can be melted and vaporized instantaneously, and the automatic control of the position of the moving mechanical spot by the computer controlled numerical control mechanical system is realized. . Laser cutting machine is a high-tech equipment integrating laser technology, numerical control technology and precision mechanical technology.

In recent years, the laser industry has risen rapidly, and the laser industry market is highly competitive. Many companies around the world have mastered laser technology. Longxin Machinery also introduced its own automatic feeding LX-FL120-S laser pipe cutting machine for round pipe cutting.

When the LX-FL120-S laser pipe cutting machine was launched, it participated in two exhibitions in Jiangmen and Shanghai in Guangdong. The exhibition was very popular and attracted many customers. This equipment is widely used in the cutting, welding, drilling, sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliance manufacturing, automobile manufacturing and other fields of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials.

The LX-FL120-S laser pipe cutter is 4-axis linkage to meet all cutting style requirements in the market. The X/Y/Z axis can simultaneously control the running path of the laser head, and can perform multiple cutting actions in a single feeding during continuous cutting, saving the feeding time and improving the production efficiency.

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