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Why choose professional Laser tube cutting machine

Why choose professional Laser tube cutting machine instead of tube & sheet combo machine?

Many customers often ask this question.


Here is the reason why don’t we suggest the tube & sheet combo machine:


1. Too long for changing pipes

- Normally it will take about 35 to 40 minutes to change pipes of different sizes and shapes.


2. Poor cutting precision

- The cutting precision is not as good as professional laser tube cutting machine, specially for angle cutting, which affects the coming welding process.


3. Waste material

- The pipe remains are long and waste production materials.


4. Low efficiency on sheet cutting

- Due to the machine beam must be bigger to combo with tube cutting, it will decrease by about 20% on sheet cutting efficiency. For example. E.g when cutting 1 mm thick stainless steel sheet with 1500W, the efficiency will normally be 18 to 22 meters per minute, but it will drop down to 13 to 15 meters per minute after beam widen. This has a great influence on the customers who mainly need sheet cutting.


5. More malfunction

Combo function will affect the machine stability and cause more malfuntion, finally affect the production efficiency.

Why choose professional Laser tube cutting machine

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