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When workplace green hand meet intelligent auto pipe sawing machine

As a green hand in workplace, when you start your work, you must go all out, do everything well, and complete every job. Yes, be confident! When I heard that a new intelligent auto pipe sawing machine was added to the workshop, it was a fully automatic, intelligent, brand-new type of sawing machine. I will operate and take responsibility for this machine, the truth was I’m a bit worried and anxious: Is the operation complicated? Can my IQ keep up with machines? As a green hand who does not have any technical experience , will no problem in the operation?

Intelligent auto pipe sawing machine arrived at workshop. After learning, we found that the operation of this intelligent sawing machine was so simple beyond imagination. Intelligence only means that the operation and maintenance of machine is intelligent, while the operation is simple and easy to understand, and does not require professional operating experience. We can see the machine has a special rack (stacking material), head, PLC touch screen panel and switch button. Only need to press the switch button, intelligent sawing machine automatically load, feed, remove the head and tail material and separate unload, sawing work piece, unloading; recycling reciprocating a complete set of actions until the completion of the sawing amount. And there are alarm reminding for materials missing and alarm reminding for replacing saw blade too!

Well, when workplace green hand meet intelligent pipe sawing machine, not only without problems, but also can be responsible for several intelligent auto pipe sawing machine at the same time!

When workplace green hand meet intelligent auto pipe sawing machine

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