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First in the World visual positioning laser cutting machine for auto exhaust parts

At present, the main operations for auto exhaust parts processing is coil slitting, hole punching, pipe making, online cutting and secondary cutting. The distance between the holes on the pipe will be extended after pipe making. Therefore, it demands manual measurement before secondary cutting. Also, the saw blade machine has big cutting tolerance and big burrs, that the production relies heavily on manual operations and brings low efficiency. In addition, the length tolerances of manually cutting can not be guaranteed!

LX laser well knows auto exhaust parts customers' demands,  and through independent research and development, launched a new dedicated laser pipe cutting machine. Some application functions of this machine are the first in the world, which greatly optimizes the traditional processes and overturn auto parts industry.

First in the World visual positioning laser cutting machine for auto exhaust parts

Features:1.The machine has innovative visual identity system to measure holes-distance precisely, and have secondary calculation & accurate positioning to offer precise pipe cutting. 2.The cutting accuracy can reach to ±0.15mm without burrs, reach the qualified rate up to 99%. 3.It's a fully automatic machine with loading, feeding, measuring and cutting all in one. And with the special separating function of the pipe head and tails from the finished parts. 4.Each machine can help save 3-5 workers comparing to saw blade cutting machine, greatly reduce the labor cost. 5. It is a high speed laser cutting machine with automatic de-slagging function, offers Net & Clean pipes.

Besides, the machine uses a LX Laser self-developed control system, which can cut all kinds of holes, shapes and angles on the tubes. It also has a special function that can avoid cutting on the tube welding seams. With advantages of excellent precision, high efficiency and low cost, this machine has been approved by customers and receiving repeat orders.

First in the World visual positioning laser cutting machine for auto exhaust parts

In the last 17 years, LX Laser has been committed to making pipe cutting more efficient and providing more simple and convenient cutting solutions. We sincerely welcome customers to communicate with us for any cutting requirements, and to move forward the technology of pipe cutting in each industries together.

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