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tungsten carbide sawing machine

We all know that there are tungsten carbide sawing machine, intelligent cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, band saws, grinding wheel cutting machines, laser cutting machines, planetary cutting machines, hydraulic cutting machines, and external card cutting machines. CNC hydraulic cutting machine, electric cutting machine, pneumatic cutting machine and so on in market. However, the characteristics of each cutting machine are different. For example, the laser cutting machine has high accuracy and high efficiency. However, the price of laser cutting equipment is quite expensive, even the minimum configuration is also tens of thousands. The better one cost millions. Imported laser cutting machine are more expensive. At present, the most cost-effective cutting machine is tungsten carbide sawing machine, and a well-equipped tungsten carbide sawing machine price only about tens of thousands , which is an acceptable price for most factory. Moreover, the cutting accuracy of the tungsten carbide sawing machine can reach ± 0.05mm, which can basically meet requirements of most factories. Pipe cut surface is burr-free and there is no need to worry about secondary processing.

Therefore, for process of cutting steel pipes, professional metal sawing machine manufacturers LX Longxin Machinery recommends tungsten carbide sawing machine. Here is a cost-effective tungsten carbide sawing machine LX-ZY-180 recommended by LX cutting machinery.

180 tungsten carbide sawing machine uses an independent double oil clip, clamped tightly to prevent the big tube spinning, reduce cost of saw blade; a lot of consumables cost for the enterprise energy-saving. Tungsten carbide saw blade is also suitable for cutting metal pipe with diameter ≤32 and thickness ≤1.0. Perfect smooth surface, dustless, burr-free cutting surface. Cutting effect can be comparable to line cutting.

tungsten carbide sawing machine

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