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The purpose of preventing errors in Machining of NC Lathe

Numerical control lathe is an automatic machine tool with high precision and high efficiency, which is often used in the process of machining at present.In the process of processing raw material as bar material, the application of 

es the continuous cycle machining of parts.The automation degree of parts processing is enhanced, and the efficiency of machining is improved.

The purpose of preventing errors in Machining of NC Lathe

During the feeding process of raw materials, because the length of the spindle of NC lathe is limited, it is forbidden to use the bar material beyond the length limit, that is, to prevent the bar material from exceeding the rear end of the main shaft shield of the machine tool. Otherwise, the high speed rotating rod during the machining process will cause serious hidden danger of safety. 

For this reason, the position of the end face behind the spindle of the machine tool will be marked with relevant safety warnings. In actual production, the limitation of the length of raw material in NC lathe is realized by the size requirement in the process file, but if the operator does not operate according to the requirement, the raw material exceeding the length requirement can still be put into the spindle of the machine tool.

This will lead to serious safety incidents. The raw material of a part is a bar whose length is limited to 900mm, and the worker puts the bar material of 1 200mm into the spindle of a NC lathe, which results in the contact between the back end of the bar material and the automatic feeder, and during the process of processing, The bar rotates at high speed and collides with the automatic feeding machine. The bar material bends rapidly and breaks the related accessories of the machine tool spindle. The huge vibration caused by the impact results in the loosening of the circuit board and the alarm of the machine tool can start the shutdown. The following image shows the scene of the accident caused by the excessive length of the bar material.

The purpose of preventing errors in Machining of NC Lathe

This accident caused more serious losses, related raw materials, machine tool accessories loss of nearly 10,000 yuan. More importantly, although the accident did not cause injury to personnel, it was proved that the original warning method could not completely prevent mistakes for the safety of the alarm accident. Only by designing and installing a special anti-error device, Is the only way to prevent such accidents.

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