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Such a metal circular saw machine can't make you feel good?

 In September, the Longxin metal circular saw machine was a day worth looking forward to, and the "Golden September and Silver 10" officially kicked off. These two months are also a moment of "heartbeat", the last two holidays of the year are coming

The metal circular saw machine saves electricity, has a long service life, is smooth and bright, and is beautiful and wrinkle-free. The cutting effect is comparable to laser cutting, and the operation is simple and non-technical personnel can operate freely. It has the following three major characteristics:

One: the advantage of cutting long tube

The traditional automatic pipe cutting machine can only cut to within 1 meter, and it can cut to 1.5 meters or even 3 meters or 5 meters with one feeding. This metal circular saw solves the problem of cutting long tubes.

Second: saving labor advantage

This equipment can cut iron pipe, stainless steel pipe, seamless pipe, copper pipe and other metal pipes, batch cutting, automatic loading and unloading, automatic processing of the material material tail, the cut pipe does not need to be treated twice, saving a lot of labor 1 person can operate 5-10 sets.

Third: intelligent advantages

This equipment assists the customer through the intelligent and automatic control of the CNC intelligent control system for the feeding, feeding, cutting and tailing treatment of the pipe, the identification of the pipe, the counting of the pipe, the shutdown reminder to replace the saw blade, etc. Achieve intelligent factories, increase production efficiency, and save production costs.

When the prelude of "Golden September and Silver 10" has just been opened, miss such a metal circular saw machine, your distance from the opponent will be a big step!

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