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How does stainless steel laser cutting machine help the development of production enterprises?

Stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine has a voice in how to help the development of production enterprises. The stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine recently launched by Foshan Longxin Machinery is different from the general stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine in the market. The advantages are not only the automatic continuous feeding, automatic continuous feeding, automatic identification of the material tail, low cutting tail material. Up to 40mm (a lot of raw materials are saved). Not only that, but now a new feature has been added - in addition to the internal slag function, the slag in the tube wall is removed while laser cutting.

One customer has a factory that produces vacuum cleaner accessories. The machines used before not only have pipe cutters, but also punching machines. It is also necessary to manually remove the dust residue after the production of the product. Such a production process increases costs and takes time. After the use of the Longxin laser pipe cutter, the cutting and punching machine solves one machine, and only one function of the internal slag helps the customer to save a lot of time and cost. Therefore, Longxin laser pipe cutting machine is worthy of great help for the development of production enterprises!

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