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Six techniques for purchasing laser cutting machines

Before purchasing laser cutting machines, we will compare laser cutting machines and manufacturers to screen out the equipment suitable for our industry. The direct way to judge the quality of a laser cutting machine is to cut samples in the field. Longxin laser here for you to sort out 6 to measure the quality of laser cutting machine standards.

 Six techniques for purchasing laser cutting machines

First. cutting quality


1. Observing the surface roughness of the product after cutting, the laser cutting section will form the vertical grain, the depth of the grain determines the roughness of the cutting surface, the shallower the cutting section is, the more smooth the cutting section is.


2. Observe whether there are burrs on the surface of the cutting products. The production of burrs is a very important factor in judging the quality of the laser cutting machine. If there are a lot of burrs on the cutting surface, it shows that the power of the laser cutting machine cannot reach or is other technical problems. Cutting the burr will undoubtedly increase the additional workload and cost.


3. Whether the workpiece is deformed or not, whether hot or cut, the surrounding area of the laser beam is instantly heated, and the metal material changes slightly. Controlling laser power and using short laser pulses can reduce component heat and avoid distortion.


Second.Cutting speed


Another important factor in judging whether a laser cutting machine is good or not is cutting speed. Cutting speed can bring visual vision to the user. The faster the cutting speed, the higher the production efficiency, and the power of the laser will affect the cutting speed. Under the condition of constant laser power, cutting speed has great influence on cutting quality, slit size and roughness.


Three, look at the model.

 Six techniques for purchasing laser cutting machines

 What laser cutting machine is good? Now there are many types of cutting machines, and there are different requirements for selecting models for different occasions and fields. However, in the actual selection, we should first understand the characteristics of our own industries and see what are the characteristics of our own industries. What kind of equipment you need is better. Generally speaking, this can be directly selected by professional cutting machine manufacturers, which will provide a more detailed introduction of laser cutting machine knowledge and purchase point analysis, to help consumers to provide better equipment products.


Fourth, look at the accuracy.


What laser cutting machine is good? For laser cutting machines, precision is an important attribute. In the process of selecting and purchasing, it is suggested that we should go directly to the factory site to understand the situation of the equipment, see its actual production situation, and see if it can meet the production needs in the field of the industry. Check the actual production of the equipment, wear resistance and life, and so on, so as to ensure the purchase of a more suitable for production and processing needs of cutting machine.


Fifth, look at the manufacturer.


The manufacturers of laser cutting machines are still quite numerous. If you want to ensure the actual processing efficiency of this type of equipment, you naturally have to start with the choice of the manufacturer and choose a more reliable manufacturer. It can provide better production technology and strength, but also guarantee the provision of more efficient equipment.


Sixth . After-sales service


After the problems are solved, the after-sale maintenance service of laser cutting machine is particularly important, any excellent equipment will have trouble or parts damage. When users encounter technical problems that they cannot solve, manufacturers can provide solutions in time. Some users feel that the price is cheap when they buy the laser cutting machine, but they do not know that after using it for a period of time, the malfunction appears constantly, and the 

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