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Saw Blade Grinding Machine

We, Longxin Laser Technolgy Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of steel pipe cutting & processing machines in Foshan, China.

Before last September, most of our clients used saw blade cutter for pipe cutting. It is noisy with slow speed; and used in a dirty environment due to the cooling oil; saw blade shall be exchanged and grind frequently; and the cutting loss and remains are very large and thus cost a lot.

When we realized that, we started to develop fiber laser cutting machine. When it was introduced to domestic market, a lot of clients who purchased our saw blade cutting machines before ordered several pieces of laser cutter from us. They said, saw blade cutting machines cannot meet their demand any more.

However, in overseas market, most of the countries are still using saw blade cutter. On one hand, their countries do not occupied with this kind of technology and they cannot accept it in a short time. On the other hand, it is a huge step forward from saw blade to laser in technology, so the price has been increased a lot. But the efficiency is also greatly maximized and the cost of cutting is less than before a lot.

Without this understanding, those who still using saw blade need to sharpen their blades quite often. But many manufacturers do not own a saw blade grinding machine. Then they have to find a supplier who can sharpen the blades for them with some cost.

We learned that in India, sharpen a saw blade will cost 3-5 dollars. And few of manufacturers own the grinding machine. However, there are so many manufacturers are using saw blade cutter. In this way, the market of saw blade sharpening is large.

If you are also using saw blade cutting machine, what are you waiting for?

As a professional supplier, we can offer you the best price. 

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