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Nine points for attention in the safe Operation of Laser cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine uses high energy conversion to achieve the effect of cutting. It works automatically under the control of computer program, with high precision and high speed. The laser produces energy that is transferred to the cutting head, and the laser beam shines on the surface of the material to form a tiny spot, and the region illuminated by the spot is instantly melted, and the cutting head moves back and forth so that the material can be processed into the desired shape.

 Nine points for attention in the safe Operation of Laser cutting Machine

When we operate a laser cutting machine, if we don't pay attention to the fact that it is very dangerous to have a mechanical failure, the operator has to go through professional skill training and wear protective equipment to operate the laser cutting machine. This paper summarizes 9 points for attention in safe operation of laser cutting machine.



1. Novice must go through professional skill training in order to operate laser cutting machine, familiar with the structure of the equipment, fully master the basic operation knowledge.


2, strictly abide by the laser cutting machine safety operation rules, according to the process of starting the machine.


3, before operating the laser cutting machine, you should wear protective equipment, protect your personal safety, and do not look at the laser beam with the naked eye for a long time


4. The surrounding environment of laser cutting machine is kept dry and tidy. It is strictly forbidden to pile up inflammable and explosive items.


5. If the laser cutting machine breaks down in operation, it should close the equipment immediately and report to technicians in time for troubleshooting.

 Nine points for attention in the safe Operation of Laser cutting Machine

6. During the operation of the equipment, it is strictly prohibited for the operator to leave his post without authorization, lest the laser cutting machine walk out of the effective travel range or the collision between the two machines result in an accident.


7. The system of laser cutting machine should be operated at low speed manually to check if there are any anomalies in the XY axis and the linear guide rail.


8. A small amount of testing should be carried out before mass processing of unknown materials, and the operation should be recorded.


9. The laser cutting machine must carry on the maintenance work regularly, check the lubricating condition of the moving parts and the wear of the consumable goods regularly.

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