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Reason for effect precision of pipe cutting machine _ LX Longxin high precision pipe cutting machine

 Reason for effect precision of pipe cutting machine  _  LX Longxin  high  precision pipe cutting machine

Since working in cutting machinery industry, we have been asked most question is about precision. Many customer concern about this problem: After some months, pipe cutting machine precision will not as high as first using. Why this problem happen? Let professional cutting machine manufacturers LX Longxin machinery to show you:

Reason for effect precision of pipe cutting machine _ LX Longxin high precision pipe cutting machine

Automatic pipe cutting machine including pneumatic pipe cutting machine, hydraulic pipe cutting machine, servo pipe cutting machine and so on. Which reason will cause precision will not high enough? First talk about pneumatic and hydraulic system pipe cutting machine. As these machine use pneumatic and hydraulic as power, we need to check whether feed cylinder leakage, loose or limit; secondly check whether oil drum is sufficient.

Pneumatic automatic pipe cutting machine generally adopts 315# type swing arm cutter head, which needs to be paid attention to add oil in the connecting shaft of the base of the machine head. On both sides of the axis, there is copper plate, the plate is usually used to prevent the wear on the two sides of the shaft, and the screw is screwed up. If find no copper wear, but machine is still swing a bit, in this situation, can replace or maintenance by supplier.

For servo feeding pipe cutting machine, we need to consider whether the screw rod is worn, the clamping device is retarded, the saw blade is biased or not, or the equipment itself concentricity is not enough.

From above, we can see there are variety of reasons will effect cutting precision, some small problems may cause error. Some error we can find out reason and rule out one by one. But it will affect cutting production schedule. That’s why machinery performance is most important part while buy a machine. LX longxin high precision pipe cutting machine, precision can be controlled within 0.1mm, will help manufacturer avoid the loss caused by cutting precision.

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