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Improve The Cutting Quality Of Stainless Steel Pipe Cutting Machine

Tungsten steel saw blade is a carbide saw blade. The tungsten steel saw blade is a commonly used cutting tool in metal processing. The quality of tungsten steel saw blade is closely related to the quality of steel tube cutting machine processing products. The correct and reasonable use of tungsten steel saw blades is of great significance for improving the quality of the products processed by stainless steel pipe cutting machines, shortening the processing cycle, and reducing the cost of pipe cutting and processing.

Improve The Cutting Quality Of Stainless Steel Pipe Cutting Machine

Longxin LX-ZW-180 intelligent stainless steel pipe cutting machine is a tungsten steel saw blade used as a cutting tool, this intelligent automatic steel pipe cutting machine cutting speed, precision sawing, no burr, save labor, basically Called unmanned cutting equipment, it is a dark horse in the cutting equipment market this year. The introduction of this up-and-coming cutting machine has overturned the industry's previous understanding of automatic pipe cutting machines. At the beginning of the development of this intelligent stainless steel tube cutting machine, our R&D team found a problem: the tungsten steel saw blades used in the equipment need to be ground frequently, and they will break during use. The debugging found that this is not the problem of the machine itself, but is affected by a small detail of the saw tooth opening and grinding process: the saw blade opens the angle problem.

After repeated tests by our engineers, we made the following conclusions: “Tungsten steel saw blade must be open-cut teeth, pay attention to the front corner, the front corner is 0 degrees or even negative front corner, the front corner is too large, easy to break teeth, tie the knife Many professional grinding saw blades like to use high-speed steel saw blade angle, easy to break teeth, tie knife, pay attention to the rear corner, the rear corner is too small, cutting resistance, there are burrs, and repeat it again, this is a tungsten steel saw blade, Instead of high-speed steel, high-speed steel must start at the front horn, but tungsten steel is not."

Really specializing in the industry, ah, good equipment should have good tools, good tools to wear a good point of view Caixing. Want to know more about 180 intelligent stainless steel pipe cutters and tungsten steel saw blades? Please clink to

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