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Pipe cutting machine manufacturers take you quickly to understand the processing drawings

Read and understand the processing drawings, to understand the relationship between each drawing. Because a drawing cannot describe in detail the specific dimensions, practices and requirements of each part of a project. Need to use a lot of drawings, from different aspects of a certain part of the practice and requirements, these different parts of the practice and requirements, is a complete picture of the entire building. Therefore, there is a close connection between each drawing of a construction drawing.

When the pipe cutting process looks at the map, it is based on the axis number and position in the plan view, so that “there are drawings in the hand, axes in the heart, thousands of heads and thousands of threads, and no lines everywhere”. This is the basic foundation and standard.

The main relationship between cutting and processing drawings is generally: the axis is the benchmark, and the numbers must be kissed; the elevations should be circled and the height should be equal; the section should look at the position, and the detailed drawings should be indexed; if the standard drawing is used, the lead line Marking; requirements and practices, quick instructions; civil construction and installation, clear holes, trenches, troughs; materials and standards, check in related drawings; construction and structure, before and after control.

Therefore, clarifying the relationship between drawings is an important part of looking at the map. It is a basic measure for finding problems, reducing or avoiding mistakes.

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