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What kind of pipe cutting machine can be neck cut?

The tube is shrunk, that is, the incision is to be retracted, and is mainly used for clothes dryers, drying racks and the like. Because plastic connection is required, plastic should be inserted into the outer circumference of the tube to wrap the tube, the outer circle can not have any burrs, otherwise the plastic rubber sleeve is damaged, resulting in an increase in product defect rate. Therefore, the tube must be cut at the time of cutting.

Having said that, what is the right cut machine? A: Instrument cutting machine! Some people say no, I see a lot of hobs. Round toothless saw blade... the nozzle will shrink! That's right, that's ok! But the shrinking irregularity, the quality of the pipe will almost burst! Pure manual work. The labor density is high, people are very tired and the main effect is poor. Longxin instrument turning tool can cut the oblique mouth and cut the mouth. With fully automatic, semi-automatic and other models. Through the rotation of the tube machine, the numerical control infeed and the extrusion belt cut to form a shrinkage effect. Solve the problem of labor intensity! The regulation of the tube is narrow. Completely solve manual and quality problems. The instrument cutting machine is designed to solve the thin wall problem for the user. Mainly, there is no need to add water!

Shrinking and cutting tube ---- Longxin instrument turning knife cutting machine to help you solve.

What kind of pipe cutting machine can be neck cut?

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