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Pipe cutter manufacturers and you pay attention to the technical conditions of steel pipes for different purposes

According to the use of steel pipe and its working conditions, different technical conditions are proposed for the allowable deviation of the steel pipe size, surface quality, chemical composition, mechanical properties, process performance and other special properties. The pipe cutting machine manufacturer Longxin Machinery prompts you the following Technical conditions for steel pipes for special industries.

Pipe cutter manufacturers and you pay attention to the technical conditions of steel pipes for different purposes

Generally, when seamless steel pipes are used to transport various fluid pipes such as water, gas, oil, and various structural parts, sampling tests should be conducted on their mechanical properties such as tensile strength, yield strength and elongation. The conveying pipe generally works under pressure conditions, and also requires hydraulic pressure test and process performance tests such as flaring, flattening and crimping.

   High pressure boiler tubes are used for superheated steam pipes of high pressure or ultra high pressure boilers, heat exchangers and pipes for high pressure equipment. The above-mentioned steel pipes for thermal equipment are operated under different high temperature and high pressure conditions, and good surface condition, mechanical properties and process performance should be ensured. Generally, the mechanical properties should be tested, and the flattening and hydrostatic tests should be carried out. The high-pressure boiler tubes are also required to be tested for grain size and more stringent non-destructive testing.

Mechanical seamless steel tubes must have high dimensional accuracy, good mechanical properties and surface condition depending on the application.

   The steel pipes for petroleum and geological drilling work under the harsh environment of high pressure, alternating stress and corrosiveness, so they should have high strength grade and have anti-wear, anti-torsion and corrosion resistance. Tests such as tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, impact toughness and hardness shall be made according to the steel grade. For casings, tubing and drill pipes for petroleum oil wells, the steel grades, categories, and additional technical conditions applicable to different environments and geological conditions are selected by the users themselves to meet different special needs.

  In view of the characteristics of the above-mentioned steel pipes used in different industries, we must also consider the characteristics of these industrial steel pipes to select the right machine when selecting the pipe cutting machine.

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