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Metal circular saw machine characteristics

Metal circular saws are produced because metal pipe manufacturing plants use a variety of methods - sawing, lathe cutting, rotary cutting, shearing, plasma cutting and laser cutting to cut the tube from the long piece to a shorter length. For user convenience. But after so many years of development and practice, it has been found that no one method is a more ideal way to cut all the metal tubes produced in this industry. Which machine to use depends on the size of the pipe, production speed, cutting effect, accuracy requirements, etc. However, the metal circular sawing machine is one of the more versatile and extensive methods of cutting the pipe, which is not only efficient, but also has a flat cut and is cost-effective.

The metal circular saw can cut not only a single but also a small (multiple) small diameter metal tube. Generally, a metal tube with a diameter of more than 50 mm is not recommended for one (multiple) cutting. The correct saw blade is used for cutting during the sawing process. The number of teeth required on the saw blade is based on the number of teeth in contact with the tube on the arc of the cut. If the number of sawtooth touches is too small, it will limit the production speed and cause vibration. Too much contact with the serrations can result in blockages, sawtooth or saw blade breakage.

So choose a metal circular saw machine, choose the pair of saw blades, cutting will get twice the result with half the effort.

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