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Manual metal cutting machine

Manual metal cutting machine is a manual circular sawing machine. It is ideal for sawing all kinds of metal materials such as ordinary steel, stainless steel, and copper, etc., especially for sawing various pipe material.

Main features:

1. Bilateral clamp, burr-free cut, no dust, high precision

2. Sawing any angle between 45°-90°

3. The front of the cooling system tank is designed for easy finishing.

4. Iron filings are centralized, convenient and clean.

5. Fit for thin wall pipe, middle thick pipe and solid bar. 380V and 220V power is available, suitable for factory or construction site using.

working principle: Install circular saw blade in machine head, Manual feed, manual clamp, manual press to cut pipe.

Product applicable industry:

Manual metal cutting machine is widely used, due to the limitations of the feeding stroke , cutting fences under 1 meter, security nets, water pipes, car exhaust pipes, clothes hanger rods, supermarket storage rack, sports equipment, bicycles, baby carriages,. Shared bicycles, high-frequency welded pipes, floor-standing fans, scaffolds, handrail ladders, door pull handles, steel pipe ladders, folding ladders, water pipe fittings, apartment beds, iron beds, stainless steel beds, sanitary tubs, mop rods, tent tubes, Fishing rod, mosquito net tube, hanger tube, curtain tube, automobile tailpipe, medical equipment, frame, hardware furniture, towel rack, bath towel holder, bathroom accessories, metal furniture feet, stainless steel chair, stainless steel furniture, stair railing, shoes Frames, stainless steel shoe racks, etc.

Suitable Shape: hollow pipe, solid bar, tube, special shape pipe, special profile

Suitable material: steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, brass, alloy, aluminum

Manual metal cutting machine

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