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Longxin laser pipe cutting machine, very useful

With the continuous development of industry, the demand for laser equipment in various industries is also increasing, especially for the processing speed and quality of laser pipe cutting machine.

 In the field of sheet metal processing and material cutting, the demand for high power and high speed cutting equipment is higher and higher.

 The laser pipe cutting machine, a new product developed by Longxin Machinery, is coming out soon. Compared with the traditional pipe cutting machine, it has the advantages of fast speed and high precision. It can realize pipe opening and cutting. Intersecting lines and conventional ways are difficult to achieve a variety of irregular complex graphics precision cutting, a molding, cost savings, improve efficiency!

 In response to the national "made in China 2025" strategy, many enterprises are only stopping in automation, and we Longxin laser pipe cutting machine will be the goal of intelligent! Longxin laser pipe cutting machine is flexible in operation, accurate in cutting accuracy, and widely machined in materials. For example, new energy vehicles need laser pipe cutting machines and lasers for cutting, welding and surface treatment (cleaning, cladding, strengthening, etc.) are very likely.

It is a market targeted by many laser equipment manufacturers. We must be able to help you with cutting equipment of high quality and affordable price. Welcome to Longxin machinery consultation.

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