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Laser tube cutting machine anti-freezing guidelines

Winter is coming, and temperature drops sharply.

People are all busy with keeping warm by more clothes and warm nourishing food.

Do our laser tube cutting machines need to keep warm as well?

Undoubtedly Yes!


Key points:

LX Laser after-sales & technology department has sort out the key points of keeping the laser machine warm in winter for customers.

Laser working area temperature suggestion: about 22℃

Chiller low temperature control: 20-24℃

Chiller high temperature control: 28-30℃

Chiller working time before laser starts: above 20 minutes

Temperature of laser main control & modular optical sensor: above 18℃

Tips1: Winter is the high-incidence season of laser pipe cutting machine faults, especially in North area. It can reduce the failure rate if we can keep following the operation procedure & watching out the working parameters.


Anti-freezing operation:

The usage temperature of the chiller should be above 0℃. The water pipelines will be frozen when the chiller stops. Solidified cooling water will damage components like water diverter or water plate, affecting the whole cooling system.

1. Keep chiller working by setting 10℃ for low temperature water & normal water. This can ensure the cooling water above freezing point with energy conservation.

2. Add corresponding ratio of anti-freezer into the laser cutting machine.

3. Empty the water pipelines when the machine has to be stopped under 0-10℃.

4. Anti-freezer is corrosive, so please change back to normal cooling water after winter, and clean up the water pipelines while changing.

5. Please make sure to empty the water in all water pipelines, including laser head, laser power source, chiller & water pumps.

Tips2:Please empty all the water in the machine before holidays. Using compressed air to blow out the remained water in every parts can prevent freezing or frosting inside.


The operation above will be easy for skilled workers to follow. We should always be aware of safety at all time during working process.

1. Check the reading of pressure gauges of both normal water & cooling water. If alarm detected, please pay special attention the freezing in water pipelines system & valves closing.

2. After checking the water pump, if the cooling water temperature doesn’t reach to the minimum request for laser operation, please turn up 5℃ for the setting of normal water & cooling water. The temperature must reach to the standard for normal usage.

3. Check important components carefully, such as water circulation of laser source & protective lens. Exclude any abnormal status like freezing or frosting.

4. If there is freezing or frosting happening in the laser, don’t force to operate. Please defrost & unfreeze to avoid pipelines bursting before usage.


Tips3: Please contact our sales-managers for any machine problems anytime. LX Laser will serve you faithfully!

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