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Laser pipe cutting machine can make it

When processing hardware and door and window materials, the same pipe is often encountered, which requires straight cutting, beveling, opening, hollowing and other processing techniques. Previously, using traditional single-function processing equipment, multiple equipments were required, and many processes were required. , work efficiency is not high, labor costs are also high. Laser laser cutting machines make it easier to process hardware.

The laser cutting machine is powerful, and the processing of hardware using the Longxin mechanical laser cutting machine has the following advantages:

1. Laser cutting tube processing can cut the steel pipe; it can cut various patterns on the square pipe surface; it can cut square holes and waist holes on the round pipe; it can cut the inclined end face at the end of the round pipe.

2, laser cutting tube processing is suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, titanium and other metal pipes.

3. It can cut the end of the branch line intersecting the annular main pipe.

4. The laser cutting machine can cut a plurality of cylindrical intersecting line holes of different directions and different diameters on the main pipe.

It is precisely because the laser pipe cutting machine has many powerful functions, so when processing hardware, the complicated process is completed as long as one laser pipe cutting machine is completed. The laser pipe cutting machine not only saves the process, reduces the number of operators, and improves Work efficiency, but also provide more processing style choices for your hardware processing!

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