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Does the laser pipe cutter have consumables?

The intent customers who met a lot of laser pipe cutting machines said after consulting the laser pipe cutting machine: Wow! Your laser cutting machine is much more expensive than the saw blade cutting machine! What are the consumables? When I buy it back, the consumables are too expensive, I can't eat it! This is the doubt and worry of many customers who have first understood the laser pipe cutting machine; the conventional equipment of the laser pipe cutting machine, such as the saw blade cutting machine, is the first to use the electricity of the equipment and the air supply of the air compressor. The saw blade in the saw blade cutting machine is a consumable material, which is a common cost. The common consumables for the laser pipe cutting machine are gas, and the laser cutting machine can be cut with three kinds of gas: air, nitrogen, oxygen; cutting stainless steel wall thickness When the cutting requirements are high, nitrogen cutting can be used, the cutting effect is not black, no discoloration, and the iron tube has good oxygen cutting effect.

Another user said that it is very expensive to use nitrogen! A lot of money a day? In fact, this answer is no, it is also good to use compressed air cutting without nitrogen. Air cutting does not require consumables costs. It is provided by the compressor. In this case, it is the protective lens and the nozzle of the laser head. The cost of tens to more than 100 can be used for hundreds of hours. This consumable is very low. Level up.

   The laser cutting machine has good effect and fast speed, which is several times the speed of the saw blade. It is difficult to obtain the effect of the sawing machine with a saw blade, such as oblique cutting at any angle, various irregular openings, etching, etc. The machine is very easy to solve; no need to grind the saw blade, no need to add water to cut, no chamfering, but also punching the process, laser cutting is simple.

Laser cutting machine is not only low in consumables, but also powerful in function. If you want to know, please contact Longxin Machinery!

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