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Laser cutting technology of Longxin stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine

In recent years, in order to meet the needs of various pipe processing enterprises, various stainless steel laser pipe cutting machines for cutting pipes and other three-dimensional workpieces have been successively introduced. With the rapid growth of metal pipe production and consumption in China, stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine is rapidly spreading in China. The technical demand for CNC cutting talents and stainless steel laser pipe cutting machines is growing rapidly. It also highlights laser tube cutting equipment and CNC cutting talents and processes. Serious shortages and lags. As a result, the cutting efficiency is low, the cutting quality is poor, and the pipe is seriously wasted. The stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine developed by Longxin Machinery for stainless steel pipe cutting has obvious advantages in the production of various enterprises.

1. Automatic feeding, saving labor and improving production efficiency: This machine is divided into two parts: laser cutting machine and intelligent feeding machine. The materials are simply arranged into the intelligent feeder. When cutting, the system automatically feeds continuously and automatically. Long feeding two raw materials automatically identify the material and cut it off.

2. The tailing area is small, saving materials and reducing the process: simple and unique feeding mode. When the pipe is unable to continue feeding at the feeder, the subsequent pipe will continue to push the current pipe to continue feeding and cutting the tailings. The machine cuts the tailings normally. As short as 40mm, it is much lower than the 220mm-300mm tailings value of most models in the market, which reduces material loss and eliminates the tailings processing.

3. Fast cutting speed, powerful function and high production efficiency: The high-speed machine is 4-axis linkage, which can meet all the cutting style requirements of the market. The X/Y/Z axis can simultaneously control the running path of the laser head, and can perform multiple cutting actions in a single feeding during continuous cutting, saving feeding time and improving production efficiency.

4. Longxin stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine will have the phenomenon of slag on the inner wall of the pipe. The new slag removal function is introduced, and the slag in the pipe wall is removed at the same time of laser cutting, which makes the production process more simplified!

Laser cutting technology of Longxin stainless steel laser pipe cutting machine

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