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Laser cutting machine technology level and product quality guide pipe cutting processing

As one of the basic technologies of modern manufacturing, laser technology is widely used in the national economy. It is mainly used in communication, material processing, R&D and military applications, and medical beauty. The wide application of laser pipe cutting machine has led to the new trend of pipe cutting processing.

    When using laser cutting tubes to cut complex hardware, the cutting effect is often not as good as you can. When processing hardware and door and window materials, you often encounter the same pipe, which needs straight cutting, beveling, opening, and hollowing out. Other processing techniques, previously using traditional single-function processing equipment, require multiple equipments, multiple processes, low work efficiency, and high labor costs. Laser laser cutting machines make it easier to process hardware.

The laser is known as "very fast knife, extremely accurate ruler, extremely bright light", comparable to nuclear energy, computers and semiconductors. Laser processing has the advantages of high efficiency, high precision, not limited by materials, and flexibility. It gradually replaces traditional processing and manufacturing, such as welding, cutting, drilling, etc., and deepens new applications such as 3D printing, brittle materials, and automotive light. Quantization, laser cladding, surface treatment, etc. In recent years, China's laser processing technology has developed rapidly, driving innovation in emerging fields and traditional manufacturing processes. China has been steadily entering the era of "light" processing after Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

    The laser cutting machine is powerful, and uses the Longxin mechanical laser cutting machine to process the cutting effect of hardware products: straight cutting, beveling, opening, and hollowing out are not a problem!

With the continuous development of the technical level of laser pipe cutting machine, the quality of cutting products of laser pipe cutting machine will lead the new trend of pipe cutting and processing!

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