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Laser cutting machine cutting performance decline reasons

Why does the cutting ability of the laser pipe cutter fall after using it for several years?

  Laser cutting machines have a good application in all walks of life. Many companies use laser cutting tube processing for several years, the laser cutting machine cutting effect and cutting ability are not as good as before, so why is this happening? What is the solution? Long letter laser for everyone analysis

Laser cutting machine cutting performance decline reasons

Laser cutting machine cutting performance decline reasons

The focus position, the focus position affects the cutting progress. The diameter of the focus spot should be as small as possible to produce a narrow slit. If the cutting performance is degraded, the focus position can be adjusted

Cutting speed, laser cutting speed and laser power have a direct relationship, the higher the power, the higher the cutting speed

The distance between the nozzle and the distance between the workpiece and the nozzle also affects the cutting effect. If the distance is too far, energy is wasted. If the distance is too close, the scattering of the spattered cutting product will be affected. The suitable distance is 0.8mm.

Laser power, after a long time of use, the laser cutting machine will attenuate the laser power, which will directly affect the cutting performance.

In addition, improper operation, long-term load production, long-term maintenance, etc. will lead to a decline in the performance of the laser cutting machine equipment, and the cutting effect is compromised.

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