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Laser Automatic Pipe Cutting Machine Working Methods And Advantages

Recently, Longxin Machinery has added a new partner - laser pipe cutting machine. This laser automatic pipe cutting machine can be regarded as the leader in the pipe cutting machine series. Very powerful. The following Longxin pipe cutting machine manufacturers will introduce the cutting method and advantages of the laser automatic pipe cutting machine in detail.

First, the working mode of the laser tube machine.

This laser pipe cutting machine is different from the ordinary circular saw pipe cutting machine. The laser automatic pipe cutting machine works by cutting the laser speed, which can be cut into a round tube or a square shape, and this The automatic laser cutting machines are generally installed in pairs. After the steel pipe is cut off by a pipe cutting machine, it is conveyed to the corresponding pipe cutting machine by the idler to cut off the other end, and then the process is cycled.

Second, the advantages of laser pipe cutting machine

1. Laser fully automatic is a fully automated machine, as long as it is set up, it can automatically cut the work, very worry-free.

2. The laser cutting machine will not directly contact the pipe when cutting, so it will not scratch the pipe. The slit is also very small, and the impact on the surface of the material is also small, and the heat affected zone is more than the traditional plasma pipe. The machine is much smaller and the surface of the cut is smooth and burr-free.

3. The laser automatic pipe cutting machine is a very flexible machine that can process any graphic, and can also cut other profiles that can not be cut by other traditional pipe cutting machines. A multi-purpose machine, cutting, cutting, beveling, welding cutting, hollow cutting, etc

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