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Full Auto pipe cutting machine, Full Auto pipe cutting machine factory

Full Auto pipe cutting machine is a PLC control servo auto feed fixed-length & hydraulic vertical feed sawing machine. This machine adopts PLC controller, touch screen, AC servo motor, C5 grade ball screw rob, can set 5 sets of different cutting length, continuous cutting operations, and the cutting accuracy within ± 0.1mm . Each active part is autoally lubricated to extend the using-life of the machine. Full Auto pipe cutting machine manufacturers LongXin Machinery (LC cutting machine) sale full auto pipe cutting machine directly.  Full auto pipe cutting machine system including auto detection and alarm detection, real-time monitoring of equipment status and timely troubleshooting equipment.

Full Auto pipe cutting machine, Full Auto pipe cutting machine factory

Take LX355CNC servo full auto pipe cutting machine for example, machine main features as follows:

1.Vertical slide way up-and-down saw feeding.

1.Low-speed rotation of the high-speed hacksaw piece.

2.Servo feeding, high feeding accuracy.

3.Switch button and the PLC control, easy operation.

4. Multiple intelligence feed

5. 5sets number of different cutting length and yield, to finish cutting.

6.Have no material Shutdown, alarm messages function.

7.Powerful cooling system.

8.The lifting function, reducing pipe fittings and mold friction. The greatest extent to protection the pipe fittings.

9.A work cycle 5-7 seconds / piece

10. Electronic sawing & cutting counter.

12. Pull leftover material function.

13. PLC touch screen.

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