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A new chapter in the development of laser pipe cutting machine

The application of laser pipe cutting machine equipment is full of flowers, and the development space is huge. Laser cutting machine is an important processing method in the field of intelligent manufacturing. The mobile phone manufacturing industry has also put forward higher requirements for products. About 70% of mobile phone processing and more than 20 different manufacturing processes are applied to laser technology and related manufacturing equipment. In the processing of brittle materials, mainly focused on the cutting of full-screen panels, OLED processes, 3D glass processing. The automotive industry is an important area of high-power laser processing. From power batteries to automotive bodies, laser processing enhances vehicle robustness and stability. The advanced process steps of semiconductors are inseparable from laser processing, which has become a new demand for downstream industries.

   Overseas manufacturers such as IPG, Coherent, and TRUMPF are the vane of the laser industry, and domestic manufacturers such as Han's Laser, Huagong Technology, and Ruike Laser are on the rise. In the competitive landscape of the entire laser industry, the advantages of foreign manufacturers are still very obvious. TRUMPF is the leader in the laser industry. IPG is superior in the field of fiber lasers. Coherent is the leader in the panel ELA excimer laser retreat technology. They are the vane of the development of the laser industry. For China, although there is a certain gap in technology in mainland China, Han's Laser has become the Asian leader and the world's top three high-power industrial laser processing equipment manufacturers;

In the future, as a rising star of laser cutting machine, Longxin Machinery, which focuses on the research and development and production of tube processing equipment, will seize the opportunity to meet the requirements and launch laser cutting machine equipment that is more suitable for tube cutting processing to return the market. Write a new chapter in the development of laser pipe cutting machines!

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