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Development of laser pipe cutting machine in Guangdong

There is no backward industry, only backward operation mode, the demand of the laser pipe cutting machine, the application of the laser pipe cutting machine and the development of the laser pipe cutting machine are determined by the development level of the industrial economy.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the rapid development of the domestic economy in Guangdong and Jiangsu will have great potential for the development of the laser application market. In this new and rapid economic development pattern, sometimes you are pushed by the environment and stopped to catch up with your opponent. Guangdong's modern industry is developing early, the industrial upgrading of the province led by Shenzhen is also a few years earlier than that of other provinces and cities, so the demand for light processing is released, with the industrialization of Jiangsu province mature and To promote the upgrading of industrial technology and the development of laser technology. From a strategic point of view, the more developed areas, the greater the market for laser applications. First, the manufacturing industry is developed, and the two is high technology coverage.

 At present, China's laser industry is mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, central China, and the four regions around Bohai. Optical crystal, key components, matching kit, laser, laser system, application and development, public service platform and other complete laser industry chain. In Guangdong, which is the main product of manufacturing and the third industry, it is in the forefront of China's economic reform and opening up. For more than 20 consecutive years, the total economic volume is preceded to other provinces in China.

The economy and pillar industries mainly have ten major industries: Such as electronic information manufacturing, financial industry, decoration and building materials industry, furniture industry, bathroom sanitary ware industry, household appliance industry, technology digital, shoes and cap clothing bags, make-up ornaments, food and beverage industry and so on. The manufacturing industry is developed, and the application market of laser pipe cutting machine is huge.

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