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CNC metal sawing machine advantages

CNC metal sawing machine have numbers of significant advantages, the biggest feature is that you can set a variety of cutting length at a time, so that when cutting length more than 1 meter, it can be complete through multiple feeding to finish the cutting. But, Nowadays, the intelligent CNC metal sawing machine has been able to feed 1 meter more cutting length at 1 time. Just this machine model can greatly increase the production efficiency when large quantity producing. Besides this branded advantage, the intelligent CNC metal sawing machine also has the following features:

1.       CNC metal sawing machine head adopts slide-type push-in feed way to cut, vertically and steadily, which can effectively ensure the verticality of the cutting surface.

2.       Feeding system adopts servo motor feeding, plus precision guide rails, to ensure high precision of cutting feed.

3.       The main motor of CNC metal sawing machine adopts brand servo drive to ensure machine works at high speed stably.

4.       CNC metal sawing machine head spindle is equipped with a speed relay, which can control saw blade to rotate in a sufficiently sharp state to prevent damage to the saw blade.

5.       Machine is equipped with devices such as circulation cooling and part lubrication, which can effectively increase the service life of the machine.

6.       Machine equipped with automatic loading and unloading racks, there is no need to manually load materials.

7.       High-speed steel saw blades and tungsten steel saw blades are used for general purpose cutting of various materials such as carbon steel, thick iron pipes, copper rods, copper pipes, and profiles.

8.       Applicable to many types of tubes, round tube, rectangular tube, square tube, oval tube, shaped tube, angle steel, etc,.

CNC metal sawing machine advantages

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