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Circular Tube Cutting Machine Can Cut How Many Thick Tubes

In recent years, the application of stainless steel tubes has become more and more extensive. For circular tube cutting machine users, what size can be cut by circular tube cutting machines? Is it right for you? Here are some of the tube cutting machines from Longxin Pipe Cutting Machine:

  Long letter intelligent automatic lathe cutting machine cutting range: can cut φ50mm the following, cutting length standard machine cut within 1.1m, can also be customized plus long paragraph. It is suitable for cutting circular tubes with a diameter of 32 or less and thin-walled tubes with a thickness of 0.2mm-0.6mm. Long letter semi-automatic second generation instrument cutting machine can cut Φ6-Φ40 range of thickness of 0.2-0.6mm metal pipe length less than 1.1m. And Longxin semi-automatic three generations of instrument circular tube cutting machine is suitable for cutting φ32mm or less (special can be cut φ36mm), thickness of 0.2mm-0.8mm pipe fittings, cutting length standard machine cut within 1.1m, can also be customized plus long paragraph.

   The above circular tube cutting machine also has the effect of cutting without water and retractable mouth, but the intelligent machine can be used as an artificial province material of the enterprise than the ordinary semi-automatic. The automatic loading rack can continuously feed materials automatically, and the numerical control setting touch screen operation can automatically identify And remove the head, tail material, no secondary processing, easy to learn, convenient and quick! Does this number of circular tube cutting machines of Longxin Machinery suit you?

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