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Circular saw machine for bundle steel pipe cutting demand

Are you feel that there are many problems in your pipe automatic pipe cutting machine, such as: 1 Serious material waste; 2 Need manual feeding; 3 Cutting surface have burrs, need to be processed before using; 4 Cutting efficiency is too low to reach Production requirements.

LX cutting machine Longxin machinery has a new magic weapon now- a new type of automatic circular saw machine to solve this series of problems. Introduce the features of this automatic circular saw machine:

1.       Automatic cut off head & end material, feed out them separately.

2.       Electric motor feeding – high accuracy, +-0.1mm.

3.       Burr-free cutting, smooth cutting surface.

4.       Bundle loading magazine – save manpower, non-stop cutting.

5.       Cutting length and cutting quantity set up, electric counter.

6.       PLC touch screen – convenience operation.

Circular saw machine for bundle steel pipe cutting demand

Summarize the characteristics of the new type pipe automatic circular saw machine: high-speed, high-efficiency, labor-saving, provincial materials. So, automatic circular saw machine can solve those above problems fundamentally! The new automatic circular saw machine is also a new choice for mass cutting.

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