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Amazing square pipe cutting technology-new type square pipe cutting machine

New type square pipe cutting machine full new automatic continuous feeding model start a new milestone for square pipe cutting technology.

Intelligent square pipe cutting machine, which use computer numerical control system to realize automatic pipe material loading & feeding& cutting & process end material. More intelligent automatic operation, can save human source and material effectively. Machine can identify metal pipe material and cut end piece automatically, separate out feed head material, end material, not need secondary manual process. In the meantime, automatic counting, automatic saw blade replace alarm function are available. Intelligent high speed pipe cutting machine save huge production cost in volume pipe cutting, 1 worker can operate several machines, reduce operator, save labor cost, raise production efficiency.

Strong cutting power: fit for steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, cast iron pipe, copper pipe, multiple unit pipe, pvc pipe etc material, square pipe, round pipe, angle steel, angle iron, U steel and so on. Diameter 12-140mm, 12x12-100x100mm square pipe, cutting length 38—1400mm (can be customized to 5 meter)


High speed: Traditional cutting machine can cut several pipes at 1 time, but every cutting takes longer time, and easy cause deforming. Intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine is single cut every time, but cutting speed is faster. For example, traditional pipe cutting machine cut 6 pieces at a time, it takes about 40 seconds. Intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine cutting speed is 4-5 seconds per piece, cut 6 piece takes 30 seconds. After contrast, new intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine is more efficient, save more production cost for enterprise.


High precision: traditional square pipe cutting equipment cutting precision about +-0.15mm, automatic square pipe cutting machine use servo + mechanical double position system, precision up to national standard 7th, cutting precision +-0.05mm, cutting section no deforming, no burr, fewer waste material.

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