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What are the advantages of professional laser tube cutting machine?

With the rapid growth of the output and consumption of stainless steel pipe in China, the pipe processing technology has also developed rapidly, especially the advent of laser tube cutting machine, which has brought a qualitative leap to pipe processing. As a special laser cutting machine, laser tube cutting machine mainly for metal pipe laser cutting.

What are the advantages of professional laser tube cutting machine?

As we all know, any new processing technology can be recognized by the public, and get rapid development, must have the characteristics of the traditional technology, then what are the advantages of laser tube cutting machine? There are two main points:


First, flexibility.


How can laser tube cutting machine be said to be flexible? It cuts almost as much as it wants, cutting any programmed shape on a stainless steel tube, and the laser cuts perfectly in any direction. The shape to be processed through computer programming design, can be flexible and rapid change. The high flexibility of laser tube cutting machine provides strong and favorable technical support for more and more personalized machining, thus reducing the number of molds used.

The second is accuracy.

Compared with the traditional machining equipment such as flame cutting, plasma cutting and water cutting, the precision of laser cutting metal sheet is much higher. At the same time, as mentioned above, different materials may have micro-telescopic deformation in the process of machining. Laser tube cutting machine can be flexibly adjusted according to these deformations, which can not be achieved by many traditional processes.

What are the advantages of professional laser tube cutting machine?

At present, the laser tube cutting technology abroad has been very mature, and the bend overtaking "made in China" in the international market has become more and more popular, Longxin laser produced by the laser cutting machine, but also won a lot of customers praise!


Characteristics of laser tube cutting machine:


First, laser tube cutting machine centralized operation, flexible processing, upper, cutting, clamping convenient.

Second, laser tube cutting machine uses precision rack double drive mode, easy maintenance and maintenance, basic maintenance-free.

Thirdly, the laser tube cutting machine adopts special tube cutting software and has the core technology of high efficiency cutting, which is the fundamental guarantee to save the material effectively and improve the cutting efficiency.


Based on the above advantages, Longxin laser tube cutting machine is widely used in fitness equipment, office furniture, kitchen cabinets and other industries such as round pipe, square pipe, rectangular tube and special tube profile processing, etc. In addition to the introduction of a large number of applications in key industrial areas throughout the country, Longxin Laser is still vigorously expanding the international market, speeding up the upgrading speed, and is committed to providing better quality products for global users. More efficient services and more comprehensive laser industry solutions as a whole.

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