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The necessity of Application of error Prevention Technology in Machining

As the source of the machine manufacturing, the application of the error proof technology is very important. 

The pipe cutting machine for the mechanical processing of the long letter is aimed at a variety of problems in the production.

Caused by the operator's misoperation in the process of operation, and the mistake prevention method is used in the mechanical processing, 

then the product is product. The quality level and the working efficiency will be greatly improved. 

The error prevention means that it is prevented before the failure of the process. 

It is a method of using automatic action, alarm, identification and classification in the process of operation, so that the operator does not pay special attention to the error.

The problem of super long material, clever design of error prevention device, from the source to eliminate the occurrence of accidents, 

to ensure the safety of the workers, to avoid the use of errors to avoid the method of restriction, let the operator do not need to pay attention, 

also do not need experience and professional knowledge to complete the purpose of accurate operation. 

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