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Longxin laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers meet you 2018 8th China Pipe Exhibition

The 2018 8th China Pipe Exhibition, jointly organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Metallurgical Industry Branch and Düsseldorf Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., will be held at Shanghai New International Exhibition Center on 2018-09-26 — 2018-09-29 (No. 2345, Longyang Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai).

   The main exhibits of this exhibition are: raw materials, pipes and fittings, pipe manufacturing equipment, transformation and recovery equipment, processing tools and auxiliary equipment, pipelines and petroleum special pipes, measurement and control technology, testing technology, professional fields, pipe trade services, profiles and machinery. ,other.

    At present, more than 60% of seamless steel pipe production units and more than 50% of welded steel pipe production units in China are at the international advanced level, and some seamless steel pipe units and welded pipe units are at the international advanced level. In terms of process technology, product quality, and new product development, China's steel pipe industry has also achieved remarkable results.

    Of course, as an exhibitor of pipe processing equipment, we can't fall behind. The products of Longxin Machinery Laser Pipe Cutting Machine Factory are laser cutting machine. Since the laser cutting machine was launched in August, it has been favored by customers and received a large number of The consultation and order, on September 13th, Jiangmen Zhibo also attracted a lot of guests, the guests at the booth were in a constant stream, and the customer signed an order at the scene.

   Want to know why the Longxin laser pipe cutter is so popular? Longxin laser pipe cutting machine is looking forward to your visit at E2B59 booth of Shanghai New International Exhibition Center!

Longxin laser pipe cutting machine manufacturers meet you 2018 8th China Pipe Exhibition

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