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Storage racks manufacturing with automatic circular saw cutting machine

Recently we received order from our UK customer for our Fully automatic pipe cutting machine, for their storage racks manufacturing.

Due to the budget, customer prefers saw blade cutting machine.

Customers requirement:

Diameter: 20X20mm, 50X50, 60X60mm square iron pipes

max thickness 3.0mm , total 7.1m length, cut length 2.2meter

According to the tube sizes, our fully automatic pipe cutting machine LX-ZY-425 is suitable, and we customized the machine from standing cutting length 1.5 meters to 3 meters.

This is a fully automatic model with auto loading, feeding , cutting and unloading.

Fully automatic pipe cutting machine for storage products manufacturing

Free the hands Total need 2 kinds of HSS saw blades

Dia300*t1.8 for 20X20 pipes

Dia350*t2.0 for 50x50 & 60x60 pipes

Estimated cutting speed: 6 second/cut, 600 cuts/hour

Storage racks manufacturing with automatic circular saw cutting machine

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