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Born for auto parts, 4 stars laser tube cutting machines from LX Laser

The automobile industry is one of the most important industries in every country. The market share in the auto parts industry is an important indicator to test whether a brand is trustworthy. We have developed different unique cutting machines for this industry, which are preferable by auto parts customers.

Why choose laser cutting?

Many manufacturers in the auto parts industry face these pain points when using traditional circular sawing machines for cutting and processing:

- Burrs

- Large loss

- Poor accuracy

- High consumables

Born for auto parts, 4 stars laser tube cutting machines from LX Laser

The laser tube cutting machine has the following advantages compared with circular sawing machine:

1. High accuracy

Laser cutterSaw blade cutter
Cutting accuracy± 0.05 - 0.1 mm0.3 -0.5 mm
Position tolerance± 0.05 mm0.3 -0.5 mm

2. Low material loss

Laser cutterSaw blade cutter
Cutting speedLess than 1 s/pc5 - 10 s/pc
BurrClean & netWith burrs
Cutting Loss0.1 mm/cut1.5 - 3.5 mm/cut
Labor cost4 - 5 machines/person1 machine/person
Cutting costSaw blade & re-sharpening costLens and nozzles
Skilled labor
Need, otherwise occur working riskNo need

3. High efficiency

Cutting capacity ( automotive shock absorbers production )

Outer diameter45 mm29.4 mm
29 mm
Wall thickness1 mm1.2 mm1 mm
Length187 mm304 mm172 mm
Cycle time2.39 s2.55 s2.32 s
Qty/hour1, 504 pcs1, 413 pcs1, 554 pcs

4. Short tailings

Laser cutterSaw blade cutter
TailingCan reach 40 mm140 - 200 mm

5. Burr-free cutting

No burr, no deformation, and LX's special dedust technology can offer clean tube inner wall

4 stars products

Born for auto parts

1. LX-FL120 series laser pipe cutting machine

- High speed round tube cut off

- Fully automatic in bundle loading & feeding & cutting;

- Optional dedust function;

- Pipe head & end piece auto separate function

- Can connect with next processing machine

Born for auto parts, 4 stars laser tube cutting machines from LX Laser

Customer case:

① A manufacturer of metalwares & accessories for high-grade building, auto parts, agricultural appliances, etc. They have 14 factories in Japan and 19 oversea branches. They have bought totally 9 sets laser cutters from us.

② A motorcycle & car auto-parts manufacturer in Thailand.

③ A manufacturer of auto shock absorber since 1995. They have branch factories in Egypt & Pakistan.

2. LX-FL120S series CNC laser tube cutting machine

- Multifunction cutting on round tube;

- Auto cut-off dedust function;

- Auto tube loading & feeding;

- AI visual recognition function

- Germany Power Automation controller.

Born for auto parts, 4 stars laser tube cutting machines from LX Laser

Customer case:

One of professional manufacturers of stainless steel pipes used for auto exhaust pipes, exhaust assembly, auto mufflers, etc.

② A manufacturer of mufflers in South Africa which export to US market. 

LX machines help them have huge improvement in their production. Besides LX-FL120S, they also have our unloading machine, packing machine, and have inline laser cutter project under discussion.

3. LX-QG6022 series Multi-functional laser tube cutting machine

- Multifunction cutting for round tubes, square tubes, shaped tubes, etc;

- Customized auto dedust function;

- Customized auto loader;

- Welding seam detection.

Born for auto parts, 4 stars laser tube cutting machines from LX Laser

Customer case:

① Top 50 groups in Mexico. Has20 companies in Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, etc.

② One of steel pipes manufacturer, who is specialized in producing pipes for auto-parts production since 1974. They have totally 14 branches in China, America, Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Italy, etc..

4. LX-ZX200 series Tube milling & laser cutting line

- Innovation design for tube manufacturing industry.

- For various length high precision & burr free cutting, no need secondary processing.

- Automatically tracking, synchronizing, cutting and returning controlled by CNC system.

- With high precision speed measuring device.

Born for auto parts, 4 stars laser tube cutting machines from LX Laser

Customer case:

① An auto-parts manufacturer since 1983. They specialized in producing muffler, exhaust accessories, bent pipe, decorative liner & other pipes for auto parts.

② Wheel hubs of electric bicycles factory

Since 2003, Longxin (LX) Laser has been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of pipe cutting machines, and is committed to realizing unmanned pipe cutting solution for customers.

We have cooperated with lots of famous auto parts brands, and gained more than 75% market shares in China. Our machines are also delivered to United States, Mexico, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Thailand, South Africa, etc.

Our goal is to offer efficient, high-precision, and stable pipe cutting & processing solutions.

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