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Why choose LX Laser Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine

Why choose LX Laser Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine

1. The brand new production craft

Our Laser Tube & Pipe Cutting Machine lets you skip many processes to minimize the labor costs and consumables. Compared to conventional pipe cutting, it is 31% more cost-efficient.


2. Longer service life

The laser generator is maintenance-free, it can be used for 100,000 hours (about 20 years).


3. Fast cutting speed

The laser cutting machine is 5-10 times faster than conventional pipe cutter, it is 49% more time-efficient.


4. High cutting precision

The laser cutting precision can be controlled up to ±0.05mm.


5. Optimum cutting result

The laser cutting offers high quality burr-free cutting, no require for end facing.

 Why choose LX Laser Tube

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