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Long letter laser cutting tube processing workshop

In the past few days, the friends of Longxin Machinery will find that Longxin Machinery has to expand its production scale, and their family's factory buildings have been expanded! Yes, the new plant of Longxin Machinery is preparing for the new project launched by Long Xin, the laser cutting tube processing workshop.

Longxin Machinery was established in 2005. So far, it has 13 years of experience in the production of pipe cutting machines. From automatic pipe cutting machines to intelligent pipe cutting machines, Longxin Machinery has accumulated a lot of cutting pipe processing technology and experience, and in cutting pipe In terms of processing, Longxin Machinery enjoys unique conditions.

Foshan Longxin mechanical pipe cutting workshop uses self-produced new intelligent automatic pipe cutting machine and laser pipe cutting machine, which has high cutting efficiency, high speed, high cutting precision, smooth burr-free incision, accurate delivery date and reasonable price. Cutting pipe processing laser cutting machine Professional round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, flat tube, channel steel, U-tube and other types of heterosexual pipe cutting, hole, oblique cutting, 45 degree cutting, contact cutting, oblique Cutting, hollowing, drilling and other processing can process 0.29-12mm thickness pipes. Regardless of the batch size and size, our processing plan can meet your need for stainless steel pipe cutting and machining. Our factory can also process welding. , Grinding, polishing, plating color processing, etc., we always adhere to the purpose of meeting customer needs, and always implement the "customer-oriented, mutual help and win-win, service first" principle of service; warmly welcome customers to map to OEM, please And we will determine the drawings, materials, processes, quantity, delivery date, etc., we will quickly quote for you, at any time for your service, welcome your inquiries.

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