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That's awesome! The laser can still work like this!

Recently, the workers of Shiyan Power supply Company of China Power Network used "laser gun" (all called the laser cleaning system of power grid foreign body) to remove the foreign body wound on the transmission line, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the urban power grid.

At 22:30 on the evening of July 16, the power supply company of Shiyan State Network received a call from enthusiastic citizens: the transmission line above the Liuyan Culture Square was wrapped around a foreign object, fearing that it would affect the power supply to nearby residential areas. According to the clues, the power transmission inspection office immediately organizes the personnel to inspect the actual situation on the spot.

Through the thorough analysis of the operation and maintenance personnel combined with the actual situation in the field, the scheme of "eliminating the foreign body of the wire by using the laser in a long distance" has been determined, in order to eliminate the defect of the line with the shortest possible time and minimal influence.

 When all is ready, the operator aims at the foreign body on the transmission wire with the laser gun, and heats the suspended object by a laser beam with the appropriate energy, which causes it to be heated and melted around the wire. At the same time, from the equipment connected to the foreign body disappeared, the whole process no combustion phenomenon, to avoid the wire and peripheral impact.

 Using "laser gun" to remove foreign body in line, this operation method is quick and convenient, which is limited by working environment, and solves the problem of eliminating foreign body. In addition, compared with the previous live boarding treatment, the working efficiency is greatly improved, and the labor intensity and work risk are reduced.

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