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Rotary cutoff lathe sawing machine

Rotary cutoff lathe sawing machine are widely favored by industry manufacturers, because of it’s features such as high cutting speed, dry cutting, burr-free cut surface and so on.

In recent years, thin-walled circular tubes have become more and more widely used in daily life, such as household items, such as mop tubes and broom tubes that we use every day. However, there are not many professional special cutting machines for thin-walled tubes. Many enterprises suffer from the problem of cutting deformation by using traditional cutting saw blades to cut the thin-walled tubes. At the same time, laser cutting machine cost is very high for average enterprises.


A thin-walled rotary cutoff lathe sawing machine produced by LX cutting machine Longxin Machinery--The rotary cutoff lathe sawing machine compensates for the lack of cutting deformation of the traditional saw blade cutting machine. At the same time, its price is not as expensive as a laser cutting machine. It is a ideal cutting machine for enterprises.


The thin-walled rotary cutoff lathe sawing machine is full auto sawing machine, cutting speed can reach up to 15,000 pieces of daily output. Although this machine is efficient, it also has limitations. Cutting capacity is: φ6 - φ40, cutting thickness: 0.2mm - 0.6mm. It means, rotary cutoff lathe sawing machine only suitable for thin-walled steel pipes such as: hanger pipe mosquito net pipe, shoe rack pipe, anti-theft network pipe and so on.

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