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Metal circular sawing machine for metal furniture manufacturing

In the metal furniture manufacturing industry, the indispensable production equipment is sure to have a metal circular sawing machine. Because metal furniture will use aluminum, stainless steel, ordinary steel and other metal materials, mainly used in the manufacture of chairs, tables, beds and other products. Compared with traditional wood furniture, metal (especially steel) is a high-strength, difficult-to-machine material, so processing equipment with relatively large cutting forces is required.

Compared with the metal pipes selected by the water pipe industry, the diameter and thickness of the pipes used in metal furniture are not too large, and the power of the equipment of the equipment does not need to be large; however, due to the large number of production per day, automatic selection is adopted. The metal circular sawing machine can save manpower and cost. At the same time, because the cutting length is generally long, the circular sawing machine that feeds in place can save production time. Therefore, when selecting equipment, it is a good choice for fully automatic feeding of metal furniture manufacturing + metal circular sawing machine with one feeding position.

The machine we recommend is the Longxin intelligent metal circular saw machine, which includes the above advantages, welcome to consult the details!

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