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Longxin loves to learn more than to execute

Longxin mechanical team, go out to study two days, full of harvest. I am very moved that the teacher is very serious to teach us,our Longxin team is also very serious study, although a little tired, some points did not keep up, relaxed, but did not give up, exchanges, did not keep up with the point, do not understand ask, Privately ask the teacher to teach us again, the teacher is teaching, some of us are listening while taking notes, while others are listening while shooting, this behavior has been praised by the teacher, asked students to learn from our Longxin mechanical team.

The teacher said, it doesn't matter if you don't keep up with me for a while. After learning, I know it is a useful thing, but if it is not really used, it is useless. It is not only a waste of energy, money, but also time.

As soon as we come back, the team of Longxin machinery repeatedly practice, the leaders ask us to send good marketing work to the group, and appreciate it for comments. Learn and do for everyone, unity is strength, execution is more important.

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