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How to select CNC pipe cutting machine

Our users must know some information in their own workshop before selecting CNC pipe cutting machine, such as the material, diameter range, thickness range, and cutting amount of the cutting material, so that the cutting machine can be selected in a targeted manner. Most of the users in the subconscious think that the machinery and equipment are expensive. Then when purchasing a fully automatic pipe cutting machine, it may appear that only the expensive ones have been selected and the right ones have not been selected.

When choosing a pipe cutting machine, it is also necessary to make a comprehensive understanding of various types of pipe cutting machines. In general, manual pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting a small amount, cutting accuracy is not high, the types of materials to be cut are mixed, and the specifications are not uniform; this machine is small in size, easy to carry to the construction site, and can meet The cutting of multi-standard products is cheap and popular with the market. In the rapid development of industry today, manual pipe cutting machines can no longer meet the needs of mass production workshops.

There are also production workshops with a certain production scale. Now most of them choose various types of automatic pipe cutting machines, including what we often call pneumatic automatic pipe cutting machine, hydraulic automatic pipe cutting machine, CNC automatic pipe cutting machine, etc. Although this pipe cutting machine is called an automatic pipe cutting machine, its degree of automation is limited to the cutting part, and manual processing is still required to assist in the feeding process. Specifically, it is necessary to manually put a 6-meter pipe into the clamp. According to the cutting parameters set by the operator, the pipe cutter completes the actions of feeding, clamping, cutting, and refeeding. After cutting the 6-meter pipe, manually re-insert the pipe into the clamp and repeat the above actions. . This type of pipe cutting machine is also being used by many small and medium pipe processing companies.

Mass-pipe cutting workshops require automated cutting equipment that enables staged unattended production; specifically, its functions include automatic continuous feed, automatic identification and cutting of sorting heads Slug, high cutting accuracy, low defective product rate, simple operation, machine with automatic feeding frame, stable mechanical performance, saving manpower, one person can operate multiple machines at the same time, suitable for large quantities of pipe cutting and processing Business.

When choosing a pipe cutting machine, combined with the company's own production situation, with the mentality of “being better for oneself”, I believe that you can certainly choose a fully automatic pipe cutting machine suitable for your product.

How to select CNC pipe cutting machine

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