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How to adjust the flight path of laser cutting machine

Many times, the laser light emitted by the laser pipe cutter we have seen is straight, but it is not excluded that the laser transmission direction needs to be changed to achieve the cutting effect. How to adjust the flight path of laser cutting machine?

Under normal circumstances, the laser generator is fixed, then the laser transmission direction is also fixed, but for the sake of demand, we must artificially take some measures to change the laser transmission direction, let the laser "fly" for a while. Usually, the direction of laser light transmission is refracted by a mirror and an optical fiber. The laser generator does not move and the mirror moves. This situation is called the flight path of the laser pipe cutter.

How to adjust the flight path? First of all, ensure that the laser emitted from the laser generator can accurately hit the middle of the No. 1 mirror. When debugging, add a piece of cardboard in front of the No. 2 mirror to test the position of the spot. In order to avoid laser radiation hurt people. Gradually adjust the beam position as far as possible from the laser tube and adjust the two markers until the midpoints of the markers coincide. Repeat this until the laser can strike the specified position.

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